Who Are We

Bodega Collective is built on diverse, fresh and boundary pushing catalogue of artists. From hard hitting rap to sultry R&B sounds and everything in between. We have solidified our presence as the progressive ‘Bodega’ keeping a pulse on the Australian music community and spear-heading the new wave of raw and original talent. 

Our mentality consists of two important philosophies. Teamwork, and the ‘two birds one stone’ mentality. This is because each creative within the company plays multiple crucial roles within the team, creating a rare atmosphere of collaboration pushing everyone to play to their multiple strengths. 

Bodega Collective also brings a fresh approach on live entertainment crafted to deliver unique entertainment and artist showcase experiences. As a collective we are constantly developing and evolving our talents in all facets of the creative industries and will continue to authentically and thoughtfully connect to people all around the world and be the go-to Bodega at the forefront of urban culture.